Your Island is a Commune is an exploration of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons through an in-progress series of video essays examining how the game can provide inspiration for a different way of living, particularly by allowing players to engage with liberatory politics in a relatable manner. Drawing on Japanese history, anarchist thought, social ecology and more, it looks at the series’ cultural and political context, how it provides a space for the development of community and the reimagining of society, and its celebration of the creativity brought to life in communal settings, including the virtual.

The thumbnail of the youtube video presents a light beige-orange background. There are two illustrated scene of the animal crossing character, a  centered title—«Your Island is a Commune»—, name of the author— ‘Nowhere Grotesk’—  and a subtitle— «a video series’. Thereis an horizontal orange rectangle that frames the titles as well as the two scenes. The scene on the left inside the frame is grey haired feminine pre-senting character from Animal Crossing game next to a yellow house with a triangular purple roof. The second scene on the right side of the frame repre-sents the same Animal crossing character next to a rabbit dressed in tradi-tional east asian garb, in the background you can see a stone house. The bottom half of the thumbnail is decorated with hand-drawn flowers.