A pink three circle venn diagram where the top circle reads “i’m baby”, the bottom left reads “i’m smooth brain” and the bottom right reads “i’m bimbo”. The overlap between i’m baby and i’m smooth brain reads “i feel responsible for things that are bigger than me, like the economy and corporate impact on the environment but i also feel like i have no control over anything and i don’t know what to do” the overlap between i’m baby and i’m bimbo reads “constantly being appraised in the economy of male attention is exhausting and sometimes being underestimated is a welcome respite” and the overlap between i’m bimbo and i’m smooth brain reads “standards of intelligence are so arbitrary and anyway the internet has made rote memorization obsolete so i’m more interested in curiosity and capacity for growth”. In the centre, the overlap between all three reads “i’m just vibing” A meme which shows various drawings of classical cherubs, a small child holding a scythe and an hourglass, and an old man dressed in brown robes on a blue background. The text reads “announcement i will be a new person in the new year i have resolution i have several aliases i am going to abscond i am going to eat vegetables i am going to text back i am tired of paying taxes i will suddenly be very hot do not be frightened If you would like to SIN with me you have five (5) days before i transcend this realm” in various fonts

1. Just Vibing - Venn diagram exploring the states of being bimbo, baby, and smooth brain

2. Announcement - Photoshop collage announcing the artist's ascension into a better, sharper, kinder person (soon)

3. Guided Meditation: You're Home From School at 4:30 and Your Parents Aren't Home Til 6 - Video with original sound guiding listeners through a reparenting visualization exercise